About GFM- Games Fans Merch

About GFM Games Fans Merch is not a niche market, it is the niche market. While many fandoms have enough of a base to supply huge orders of product for their fans, an immeasurable amount have had their marketing opportunities slip through the cracks. Thanks to advances in on-demand production and printing, those lost sources of revenue are now ready to be harvested. Everyone is a geek for something. Each person has at least one topic that you can see them light up when they talk about it. A natural part of humanity is the urge to find and share that feeling with others. Some fandoms are already so well established as to be instantly recognizable, but that has only recently become the case. The idea of wearing merchandising or “tags” for your interests was completely alien to people… until recently. In the last few decades society has taken branding and tagging to an extent of saturation. This phenomenon isn’t completely new, as patches and pins have occupied the role for quite some time. But now we can print, scan, or sublimate a message on to almost anything. Every person likes to work in Easter Eggs about their personality and likes if at all possible. Whether earrings of your favorite movie character or socks that show a quote, people flock to personalization. And it is these flags, these tags, these “pieces of flair” that we use to identify ourselves and find out tribe. Each item is a beacon to the initiated in that fandom. Each piece is a line cast out for a new friend in solidarity. Games Fans Merch streamlines your own customization, and who doesn’t love a customizable avatar? Whether shirts, bags, tags, skirts, or hats, we’re here to help your flag fly. Gaming culture is a catch all term that can apply to a limitless source of inspiration. Through our substores, popular products can expand their reach rapidly. This allows the owners to not only know what sells best, but predict their next product. Now you can wear what you love! If you have an idea, let us know!